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Tillie’s Voice ~ Give carers of the young and vulnerable a voice

Sent by Ellie King - Tillie's Sister

Tillie's Voice
Carers should have a voice!

A petition set up in honour of my sister and so many young and vulnerable impacted by this horrible illness.

The aim is to pass some kind of law allowing parents/carers to still have a say and an impact on choices if their child is under the mental health care but over the age of 18 (still a young adult) as we feel it could help save lives.

These people care for our young vulnerable adults 24 hours a day seven days a week. Why isn’t their voice as important as the Advocates/family members who care for people who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Tillie was only 21 and whilst under the children’s Mental Health Services we had a voice. As soon as she hit 18 our voice didn’t matter. All careers should have the right to be listened to and taken seriously, it could help save lives! If we were taken more seriously maybe my daughter would still be alive today.

Once 18, our young and vulnerable are deemed able to take care and full control of their own mental health (control of appointments, medication, pretty much everything) and from our own experience, this where their health takes more of a downward spiral.

We know our loved ones better than most but the system often doesn't listen to us - we have seen, heard and experienced parents making several calls of concern for the well-being of their young and vulnerable but unfortunately as they were over 18, none documented or taken notice of.


To support this petition, please click the link below.


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