Teenage dancer's bid to help 11-year-old with life-limiting condition

Inspiring 15 Year Old 'Ruth Lamb' has taken on 11 challenges to help a housebound youngster with a rare disability.


Dancing teen Ruth Lamb who is fundraising for Riley Priestley

Ruth fundraising journey started in 2019 after a family friend died. Karen died suddenly from pneumonia and she made all Ruth’s dance costumes for her competition.

Ruth was so upset she wanted to do something in her memory and raise £500 for the hospice she chronograph a dancer in memory of Karen and performed it all over school, Nursery, Brownies community Centre, Shopping Centre's, Pubs & parks, raising £4,500 in her memory.

She then saw on social media a boy who has a rare form of cancer, so Ruth set on fundraising for him.

She Choreographed another dance and did a cake and coffee sale to help him make memories with his family and she also got him tickets to see 'The Lion King' in London and a ride in a spitfire plane.

Then she knew of a family at her dancing school who had been through domestic violence and wanted to help again setting out to chronograph yet another dance to raise money and awareness of domestic violence.

She raised money for this but whilst doing so, Ruth then became poorly with celiac disease and had to have tests at the hospital, but this didn’t stop her from helping others.

"As lockdown came we didn’t think she would be able to continue her fundraising but she was so upset by the hospice and other charities suffering, she set to dance for 100 hours in lockdown raising more money."

Ruth has a brother who has autism and has really struggle with his mental health due to the lockdown.

"We had a family friend who sadly took his own life which made Ruth want to support the mental health charity 'Mind'."

Ruth came across 5 year old Chloe who has had a brain tumour and wanted to give her something special as she had been through so much, so she treated her to be a princess for the day with a ride in a princess carriage.

Ruth was able to now provide her with a special bike to help her recover from her brain tumour.

Ruth through lockdown has been upset by seeing so many homeless people she also set up a JustGiving page to help another charity and has taken food, warm clothes and blankets to the local homeless people bought a gentleman a Christmas present with a hat, gloves, scarf, and food.

Ruth plans to hold a big sleep out for the homeless to raise money for the charity as well as performing new dances to support all Charities and also wants to get Riley who has 'Duchenne muscle dystrophy', a ramp so he can go in his garden.

Some of the people Ruth has helped, she didn’t even know them but still wanted to help them and is always on the look out to help others.

A ramp for Riley

Ruth Lamb, 15, is hoping to raise enough money to buy a ramp for 11-year-old Riley Priestley who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Riley, an Ashfield School pupil, was diagnosed with the life limiting condition at the age of six and has been in a wheelchair since he was eight.

Now a power wheelchair user, he has been housebound for the past year due to virus shielding.

Things got worse when he broke both legs in an accident in his Sutton home in November, 2020.

His Mum Stacey Priestley said: “We’ve had an horrific year, Riley’s accident knocked his confidence, on top of having to stay in all the time because of shielding. He can only sit by the door, he can’t go into the garden because we have high steps, it’s no fun for an 11-year-old to be stuck inside.”

Ruth, who is a dancer at the Christine March School of Dance, heard about Riley and decided to try and raise £2,000.

She set herself 11 challenges, over 11 days and started last Friday, doing 11,000 steps. On Sunday she did an 11k run and now has plans to do 11 hours of dancing plus several other ‘11’ themed activities, to match Riley’s age.

Stacey added: “Ruth is an inspiration, it’s lovely that she is doing this to help Riley. With a ramp, Riley would be able to go out in the garden, and have some fun playing football in his power chair with his dad Steven and throwing the ball for Sukie, our Staffie bulldog.

“As the weather warms up it will be nice for him to get outside into the sunshine, and for us to make some happy memories.”

Over the years Ruth has raised over £13,000 for different charities and has helped other children going through rough times. She is also planning a fundraiser for the homeless later this year.

Riley's inaccessible garden at the rear of the house

Ruth’s mum Julie Lamb said: “Ruth just wants to help people, she wanted Riley to be able to enjoy being in his garden. She is doing very well and has already received about £1,200.”

To donate see the Just Giving page at: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/julie-lamb-610.

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