POSITIVE NEWS - Girl Donates Her Birthday Money to Homeless Man Who Returned Her Grandma's Wallet

In Jewish tradition, a mitzvah is a good deed that’s performed with a good heart simply because it’s the right thing to do. And that’s just how Evelyn Topper described the kind act of a homeless stranger who’d gone out of his way to return her lost wallet.

NBC Bay Area (VIDEO)
NBC Bay Area (VIDEO)

Topper likely dropped the wallet when she and her granddaughter, Mikayla Gounard, were leaving a local coffee shop in San Rafael, California that they’d just patronized, but Topper didn’t realize it was missing until she got home. With her credit, debit, and medical cards gone, she was understandably upset.

The next day, however, Topper got a call that put her worries to rest.

Sean Curry had found the wallet in a dumpster behind the coffee shop. Except for the cash, its contents were intact. Even though he’d been homeless for five years, rather than take advantage, Curry reached out to make arrangements to return Topper’s property.

While Topper lauded his behavior and declared it a mitzvah, Curry didn’t believe he’d done anything out of the ordinary. He’d done it, he explained in an interview with NBC, because he “[had] a heart” and “that’s the way I was brought up.”


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