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Pandemic Stories - Emma Jupe

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I recently gave up care work due to personal reasons and due to losing loved ones my depression got much worse. I wanted to support others but sadly had to change my career due to the impact the loss had on me and be away from the demands and focus on my wellbeing instead.

I set up a social media page to help local businesses during the pandemic including mental health support and people advertised their work. After that I became very lost and isolated and noticed various fitness challenges advertised on Facebook so thought I would sign up.

I did 50 jumping jacks each day of July for mental health UK. In August I am doing 50 squats each day of the month for blue cross, 10,000 steps for Macmillan cancer and a plank for pangolins. In September I am doing 50 box jumps for veterans and 11,000 steps for prostate cancer and I am wearing pink during October for great cancer. My last year of fundraising. I’ve found being productive is really helping me and helping others is giving me a boost.

I lost two loved ones last year and decided to do a memory walk at the start of the year raising £80 for samaritans and £80 for dementia uk. I walked 20 miles with my 4 year old Son and Pug Doug. I didn't plan to continue but ended up doing 12 challenges right up until the end of October basically a couple of challenges or more each month.i am raising money for 6 different charities.

I've now raised £340 so far and over £2,000 over the years. I've always entered races and raised money for charities plus made and sold my own cakes.

This year I've spent a lot of my free time speaking to people on a mental health forum and bereavement forum supporting others to get through their day and giving them hope of better days ahead. I've been raising awareness of mental health.

I've also joined groups and keep supporting others with thir challenges such as squats, jumping Jack's, box jumpsuit, steps etc by sending encouragement. I've connected a lot with nature which has also hoped with my severe depression. I signed up as a team leader with the wildlife Trust and plan to make the isle of wight greener.

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I've been doing local litter picks in my area and hope that others will join in too by sharing posts online. I am keen to get others involved in community projects. In my spare time I enjoy drawing landscapes and wildlife.

I am part of the first response team so anything that gets flagged up there re wildlife concerns or environment such as droughts then I step in to help.

In between that I manage sandown canoe lake wildlife which I co-ordinated the 400 carpe rescue and have co-ordinated and took part in bramble clearances.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little about me.

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