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"Can he do that?"

Person: *looking over me*

"Can he do that?"

Me: "Yes, I can, thank you."

Just thought I'd highlight this, as it is sadly, but not unexpectedly, something that I come across. The instant dehumanisation of myself because I am in a wheelchair.

However, I do understand that people may feel awkward coming up to me and asking, so they ask whoever I'm with. But that's just it: all they have to do is ask. They may also not realise what they are doing is making the said person very uncomfortable.

It's okay to ask a person with a disability how they would prefer to communicate. In fact — in my experience — they'll be all too glad you asked, instead of being spoken over.

It's hard for me to advocate for myself in this situations as — admittedly — as I'm still reeling from how I am being spoken to (or the lack thereof).

(I'm still here — what do I say?)

So hopefully, if you are scrolling past, you'll take this as a gentle reminder.

A reminder that, just because someone is in a wheelchair, does not automatically mean that they cannot communicate or think for themselves. As it happens, I can communicate very clearly.

And, as I've said, people who say something along these lines may also not realise what they are doing could be making another person very uncomfortable.

Just something to think about.

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